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Completion for for loops, if statements and many more. Further: quick and simple installation. One program for all editors.

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Note: Since an exe-packer was used, some virus-scanners might falsely show an alert.


CodeFlash works with most editors and provides templates for the following languages: C++ , PHP, Java, Javascript, C# and Pascal . Further, you can add your own templates for any programming language in a simple manner inside the config file.

Tested editors are MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, CodeBlocks, IntelliJ IDEA, Editpad Pro,, gVim and MS Word. Other editors are likely to work as well. The software is not bound to any editor. Autobracketing is supported too and can be enabled in the tray menu.

How it Works

Just type in the command with paramters and hit the hotkey (capslock or shift + space). CodeFlash then completes the statement. Here a few examples. First comes the identifier ( here f ) followed by the space delimited parameters.

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Editor Independent

Tutorial: How to write new Macros

Default C++ Templates

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Default C# Templates

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Default Java Templates

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Default JavaScript Templates

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Default PHP Templates

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Default Pascal Templates

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